Seven Dollars

For me, extreme poverty is the saddest thing in the world. In one of my classes,  and I’m pretty sure it was Ethics, we talked about how a person can know what his or her passion or life’s cause is.

Your life’s cause is that thing that causes you to react from somewhere deep inside of you,  more strongly than you ever  reacted to anything before. That for me is extreme poverty.

This month, my Compassion Funds are going to Kosmos Ministries, for the food relief program in Nicaragua. My friend has issued me a special challenge, which I think is a great idea. So that a bigger portion of my grocery money can be sent to Kosmos, along with my eating out money, I’ve cut my grocery budget for food down to $7 per week.

This week, $7 bought me a 2lb bag of beans, a bag of rice and a bag of Maseca (lime-treated cornmeal) for making tortillas.

This morning, i’m having tortillas, and some coffee that i already had in the house.  Since I don’t have a tortilla press, I’ve been rolling them with a rolling pen, so they turned out  kind of wierd, but that is neither here nor there.

” Now a single heart and soul was in the body of believers. Not one of them considered his property to be private, but all things were shared by them. With mighty power, the apostles were giving evidence of Jesus’ aliveness, and upon them all was a spirit of abounding goodwill. You know, there wasn’t a person in the group in need. For owners of land or houses were selling them and bringing the proceeds and placing them at the disposal of the apostles. Distribution was then made to everyone on the basis of his need.” – Acts 4:32-35, Cotton Patch Version


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